Daily Cat 218

Birdseye view of Buck the Cat eyeing the bird.

Chain Pickerel

This fish is found in the New York Adirondacks as well as a lot of other waters throughout the US. The one I painted is represented full size although it’s a small example. Ted caught it, I took its picture and then he returned to the cold water to swim again, hopefully a wiser fish but probably not. They live to eat, not thinking much about the possiblility of being eaten.

Daily Cat 217

Buck the step-cat. Meow.

Daily Cat 216

Buck the Cat at the Crossroads. Meow.

CR 119 Looking Northeast, Westcliffe CO

CR 119 Looking Northeast, $1110USD, Casein, 16×20″, 2021.

Cold front meets warm front. Looks like rain.

Daily Cat 215

Buck the Cat with his eyes on the prize. Meow.

Water Plants

I painted a masonite board with QOR watercolor ground which allows me to paint on a surface that, untreated, will not absorb the watercolor pigments. After an under painting of watercolor, I filled in shading and detail with casein, a more durable water media.  Usually I use 140 or 300# watercolor paper. Comparing the hardboard ground to paper, I like the masonite a lot as and alternative. I can frame this without a mat or glass and still have a perfectly displayable watercolor. I may add a semi-gloss coat after the painting dries or gently buff the surface for  dull shine,

Daily Cat 214

Buck the Cat. Really? Meow.

Daily Cat 213

Buck the Cat, indeliCato.

Blue Gill

I love casein, it’s a wonderful water medium. It’s far more permanent than watercolor and gouache and it avoids the frequent plastic and/or garish look of acrylic. It’s made from milk and has existed as a painting medium for centuries. It has a ‘graphic’ look unique unto itself, flatter than oils, yet as colorful.

Lake Morris, WI

My sister and brother-in-law have this summer place on Lake Morris, WI. It’s a sweet little getaway.

Daily Cat 212

Get ’em. Meow.

North of Pardeeville

Summer’s are rich and earthy in Wisconsin. Corn and potatoes grow everywhere.In their midst, wind turbines spin in unison when the night breezes pick up at sunset.

Daily Cat 211

Daily Cat 211 – Buck is vacationing in Wisconsin for the summer. He likes it there, sort of. There’s a big, husky white and tabby queen that thinks Buck’s encroaching on her domain and has nicked him in the ear to make certain there’s no misunderstanding about what’s hers and not his. Other than that, he seems to be fine with the change of scenery. Meow.

Cad Orange, Ultra Blue

Color theory makes my head hurt. Having said that, I used a limited pallet for this painting, using only cadmium orange and ultramarine blue, black and white and small touches or viridian and cadmium yellow. The canvas was under-painted in a light lavender. As I continue to work in casein, I’m using two complimentary colors as found on color wheel, and mix all other hues in between with the complimentary colors selected. I’m relying on the wheel until its principles become like second nature to me when I paint. It’s tedious but I like the result of more harmonious paintings.

Daily Cat 209

Buck the Cat hones his fly catching skills.


This abstract forest looks a lot like Colorado to me, but you be the judge.

Rock Bass

A Rock Bass is related to the Sunfish, you’ll notice that little black ear behind its gills that’s characteristic of that species. Ted pulled him out of the water at Lake Adirondack in upstate NY where he was also catching large and small mouth bass the same evening. They all went back into the Lake, bass seasons doesn’t start til Fathers Day weekend plus we couldn’t have eaten all the bass he caught. It was a good night fishing.


I’ve started a casein journey. I like the flatness of this milk-derived paint. It can be buffed to a gloss and is waterproof once dry. I use blue, yellow and white pigment to paint this, relying on an underpainting of red acrylic to spark up the image.

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