Twisting Hearts

Twisting Hearts, watercolor, 4×6″, 2023
Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

Hearts are susceptible to forces of nature such as tornados. Perhaps they’ll be carried all the way to the stratasphere, eventually fly over China and get shot down! Or maybe they’ll land in your yard, a happier outcome. They’re totally friendly.



Daily Cat 244

Buck the Cat tidies up. Meow.


Daily Cat 243

Buck the Cat is fastidious. Meow


Daily Cat 239


Daily Cat 246

Buck the Cat times the pounce with precision. Meow.

Daily Cat 245

Cat Descending a Staircase. Meow.

Mosque, Ahmedabad, India

We spent a few monthes in India in 2017. It’s such a wondeful place. This is a painting of a major mosque complex. I’ve painted the still, dry hotness that baked us in the late spring afternoon.

A Heart in a Vortex

Sometimes a Heart gets all caught up in everything, looses its way and winds up out of control and in a vortex. It happens all the time. Don’t worry bout it.

Daily Cat 242

Grazing cat. Meow.


Daily Cat 241

Daily Cat 241, graphite and ink, 6×4″, 2023. Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger.

Festive Cat and none too happy. Meow.

Cock Rooster

In Florida, roosters and chickens are feral. That’s where this one lives. They’re only as tames as they need to be and live well in their free range.

Hyatt Chronic, Ft. Lauderdale

Ted and Jean slept here.

Nice place, I could stay another couple weeks but…

We check out tomorrow.

Tropic of Cancer-Causeway

Florida. Here we are for the week while Ted works. It’s quite different than the the places I call home in the northeast mid and south west. Different flora and fauna, lots of water everywhere and not all that walkable. Skyscrapers ans doublewides dominate the cities. Mosquitos and seabirds are all over the grasslands and it always sunny and warm. Florida.

Vanderbilt and E.45th

Vanderbilt and 45th, gouache, 24×18″, 2022, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

It’s a rainy, mid-autumn day in the canyons of New York City, just north of Grand Central Station. It’s a scene that shows the construction of a building whose bones and entrails are on display, awaiting its clothing of cladding and windows. Traffic edges forward hardly noting the disruption of flow, all business, as usual. I love New York.

Victor, Colorado

Victor Colorado has and annual Plein Air event. I painted there for over a week last summer. Victor is a gold mining town and has been since the 19th century. There’s mine pits and mine heads all over town, lots to paint.

Daily Cat 240

Black Cat, birdseye view.

Daily Cat 237

Surveillance. Meow.

East Brunswick Storage Unit

We have a lot of stuff…too much. We have a storage unit to accommodate all the forgotten memories, boxes packed decades ago, abandoned projects and other extraneous ephemera  of the ages. We go there seldom because none of it really matters any more. It’s just that it’s hard to let go so we pay over $1K a year to accommodate it all…it’s craziness and a folly.

Anyway. This painting is of the landscape that surrounds our storage unit. I sometimes go to the locker just to see the scenery. The facility is on a promontory that looks far to the east into Massachusetts, far to the west into the skies of New York. It’s value far exceeds the $1K+ we shell out annually to rent a storage locker.

Daily Cat 236

A cat’s eye view. Meow.

East Brunswick, Mid-Winter

We’re driving on a Saturday afternoon and it’s starting to snow. It’s winter in New York, scrub trees in the field mowed last fall are a silhouetted filigree against the  leaden horizon. It’s not the sort of scene to leave the car to admire. The wind starts to gust.

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