Twisting Hearts

Twisting Hearts, watercolor, 4×6″, 2023
Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

Hearts are susceptible to forces of nature such as tornados. Perhaps they’ll be carried all the way to the stratasphere, eventually fly over China and get shot down! Or maybe they’ll land in your yard, a happier outcome. They’re totally friendly.



Daily Cat 244

Buck the Cat tidies up. Meow.


Daily Cat 243

Buck the Cat is fastidious. Meow


Daily Cat 239


Stockholm Transport

We’ve been taking the public ferry to and through the archipelago that surrounds Stockholm. Some of the boats are steamers, lovely old boats with thickly varnished wood and crimson velvet seating, chugging back and forth between the city and the far reaches of the outer islands. The round trip may take 3-4 hours. I wish you were here, you’d love it!


Daily Cat 249

Buck the cat is doing well in Wisconsin I am told. He’s highly adaptable, probably hardly misses me at all…sniff.


The Tree and Me

This is somewhere I’ve been before. Come with me. https://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/1412559

Daily Cat 248

Here’s Buck, painted from one of his archive photos. Oh, how I miss him while we’er in stockholm. I’m emotionally dependent on his omnipresent indifference and I don’t even mind when, out of the blue, he’ll hiss and bite the hand that feeds him (that’s my hand.) He’s not the best cat but he’s my cat and I forgive his miscreant ways. Meow.


The Pollarder

This painting shows landscape design in the city, the pollarding of a formal grove of trees. Pollarding involves the removal of tree branches to improve the fullness and shape of new growth that will follow. It’s a labor-intensive, tedious practice centuries old.


Daily Cat 247

While we’re in Sweden, Buck the Cat is on his own vacation with his Wisconsin family. He’s doing well, just in case anyone’s wondering. Anyway, there’s this Cat Cafe here in Stockholm. For $20. and the cost of a coffee one is allowed to go into a room for 55 minutes where there’s 7-9 roaming cats, all available for adoption. The cast changes as thedays roll by. I’ve been there twice, fool that I am. I need a kitty fix occasionally. Mostly I watch them play, cavort, fight, eat and sleep. None seem to be lap cats and patrons are warned not to pick them up. Petting and the ear scratch is allowed. I’m getting the cat models I paint there to continue my Daily Cat series. However, I really miss Buck the Cat and there’s no substitute for him.


Me and the Tree

This is somewhere I’ve been before. Come with me.


Black-headed Gull

The Black-headed Gull is a species of the northern Europe and Asia. Their plumage changes seasonally, the example shown here being that of the warmer, breeding months. They’re 11-14″ long and are primarily found close to land. They eat everything. The bird show here was encountered while we sat waiting for a train in Stockholm. Their scientific name roughly translates as ‘laughing gull’.


Valhallavagen, Stockholm

This is a long view of a Stockholm Avenue, bordered by buildings built in the mid to late 19th c. The city is planned to have wide transit corridors that direct train, car, bike, scooter and pedestrian traffic all along the same path, accommodating each mode safely in parallel. The result is lots of wide urban space without buildings encroaching on it and a sense of openness in what is, in fact, an overall densly built environment. There’s an abundance of trees and flowers in these spaces. Lovely.


Little Pine Cones

We walk a lot while we’re in Sweden, usually 5 to 7 miles daily. I’m always looking on the ground for interesting stuff and picked up this pair of little cones. I spent awhile Googling to identify their species, but not much luck, maybe some sort of Piñon. If anyone has an idea, let me know. Thanks.


Stockholm Pavement and Shadow

Stockholm has beautiful street paving. Much of it is granite, a hard material that resists the freezing and thawing that destroys softer pavements. On hills, and there’s many of those, the arced and diagonal patterns prevent slips and sliding. Each stone is four to five inches, a tedious fan shaped mosaic. My shadow breaks the monotony.

Swedish Mallards

This pair of birds float around the waters that surround Stockholm’s islands. Although they’re Mallards, they look different than the North American birds I’m familiar with. They are longer and sleeker and not as iridescent and squat as American mallards. Their bills seem longer, as well. But they behave the same, swimming in a line with the male in front, dabbling with curly tail feathers to the sky.


Glory of the Spring

We walk by this Church with some frequency. It’s named Adolf Fredriks kyrkogard, it’s a cruciform shape, that is, cross-shaped. I really can’t guess its age, maybe 150 years or much older. Anyway, it has a graveyard on one side and the ground is covered with drifts of early spring flowers. they’re call ‘Glory of the Snow’ here, Chionoxdoxa botanically.


Easter Rose

We were walking on Easter Monday in Stockholm and the rose was laying in the cobbled street we were crossing. Easter was over, it had done its job and awaited smashing by traffic. I rescued it. It has dried and I, lacking energy to paint more ambitiously, rendered it. Now it will live a bit longer.



This bird, the fieldfare (Turdis pilarus), is a new one to me. We saw it in a Stockholm park. A member of the thrush family and lives in northern Europe according to Wikipedia. It’s about the size of a robin and looks similar plump shape with the same cocky attitude.


Pollards in Stockholm

Pollards in Sweden, watercolor, 9×12″, 2023. Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

Ted’s on sabbatical and I’m with him in Sweden, Stockholm mainly, for now. I like it here, clean, civil and non-confrontational. We catch weekly pipe organ concerts, walk a lot, the foods quite flavorful and chocolate’s cheap. It’s seems to be a very cool society. But the climate’s cold…much too cold for me, it’s mid-April and still wearing 4 layers, hat, scarf and gloves.

KTH, Stockholm, SE

KTH, Stockholm, Sweden, watercolor, 5.75×9.25″, 2023, copyrighted with allrights reserved by Jean Krueger

This is a view from the apartments where we stay in Stockholm. It’s in the middle of campus. We’ll be here and about til late June, a decent amount of time to learn about another place.

Daily Cat 246

Buck the Cat times the pounce with precision. Meow.

Daily Cat 245

Cat Descending a Staircase. Meow.

Mosque, Ahmedabad, India

We spent a few monthes in India in 2017. It’s such a wondeful place. This is a painting of a major mosque complex. I’ve painted the still, dry hotness that baked us in the late spring afternoon.

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