Daily Cat 190

“Daily Cat 190” – $30.
Ink and graphite on 140# HP watercolor paper – 4×6 in

Buck the Cat spots something in the corner of his eye. Wha dat?

Salt River Wash, Arizona

Salt River Wash, Arizona, $50USD, Oil, 9×12″, 2020, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

This part of the Salt River runs through Tonto National Forest in central Arizona. When the monsoons come, the rocky bed in the foreground is raging with water which will flow west where the Verde River will join it.

Wild horses, mustangs, roam freely through this park in large herds.

Sonoran Desert

Sonoran Desert, $55 USD, Oil on card, 8×12″, 2020, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

A scene from Southeast Arizona, not far from the Mexican border.

Agave, AZ

Nature and realism as abstraction..get it?

Slivers of Light

Chiricahua National Monument in southern Arizona is other-worldly. Have you been there? I think it rivals, even surpasses, Utah’s Arches National Park. Chiricahua feels intimate yet has a scale of grandeur. I had never heard of this place before we visited it over the New Year holiday. We hiked isolated trails, took lots of pictures and quit at sunset. See America first, we have so many wonders to behold.

Agave, Arizona

Nature and realism as abstraction…go figure.


Trout Flies

These paintings are of trout flies, designed and tied by Richard Lubrant, and offered by Orvis,https://www.orvis.com/p/fly-formerly-known-as-prince/02ct. 

I received a commission to paint these and would like to paint your favorite or meaningful trout flies. Please contact me.

The original paints are 6×8″ on 300lb. watercolor paper. Images by Jean Krueger, copyrighted with all rights reserved.


Sun City, AZ

It’s difficult to travel more than a few block in Sun City, Maricopa County, Arizona, before encountering a golf course. I don’t play and they’re closed to all but paying customers. They’ve remained a huge mystery to me for the more than 60 years that I’ve been a visitor to this specialized City. The golf paths wind through lush, shaded and watered landscapes that disappear in the far distance, forbidden to non-golfing mortals such as I so I’m very curious as to what lies beyond. Nonetheless, the courses are lovely and I don’t begrudge those who are to allowed to amble the greens from dawn to dusk. After dark the greens belong to coyotes, the rabbits they hunt and the birds who roost til morning. This is the order such and the way it shall be.

Lake Frances, Adirondacks, Upstate New York

Here’s the end of the day at the end of the Summer in Upstate New York in a canoe where Ted paddles and I try to stay warm… and take photos to take my mind off how cold I am. Yeah, I’d stay warmer if I paddled, too, but I’m not a paddler. I’m a painter.

Daily Cat 191

Buck the Cat contemplates his navel…of course, cats have navels.

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