Daily Cat 235

The cat nap. Meow.

Daily Cat 234

Buck the cat’s an indoor/outdoor cat…That’s just the way he rolls.

Daily Cat 233

Buck the Cat prepares to pounce. Meow.

Daily Cat 232

Buck the Cat quickly trots on a mission known only to himself. Meow.

Icon – Halo Tailo

Inspired by Byzantine iconography and a recent Art-O-Mat project. Meow.

Daily Cat 231

Daily Cat 231, ink and graphite, 4×6″, 2022.
Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger.

Buck the Cat’s on a roll. Meow.

Clums Corners in Winter

Our storage unit is located in Clums Corners, a small farm community outside Troy, NY. Our unit has a sweeping view to the east. Late in the afternoon when the sun is flat, the colors of the sky and land saturate and you can see all the way to Massachusetts. The land is still undeveloped by tract housing and commercial pad sites, still used for farming as it has been for centuries. The place is haunted by early American history, an unsung national treasure.

Daily Cat 230

Buck the Cat surveys the situation. Meow.

Daily Cat 229

Buck the Cat always tries to watch his back. Meow.

Daily Cat 228

Buck the Cat issuing an ultimatum. Meow.

February Ocatillo

The setting for this painting is of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. The time of year is winter. I hike a lot when I’m here and was surprised when I saw the Ocatillo I’ve featured in this painting. The cactus was all leafed out and bushy which I don’t remember happening at this elevation til 4-6 weeks later in the growing season. Nonetheless, I admire this species and have painted it before. I’ve included a painting I posted a few years ago to illustrate how intricate and downright lovely it is when its leaves emerge. Hope you like it.

Daily Cat 226

Buck the Cat’s a relentless, driven beast when it comes to small moving things. Here you see him delivering a fishing fly the coup de grace.

Daily Cat 225

Curious and quizzical. Meow

Desert Wash

In the desert when the sun has just vanished below the mountains the light shifts in ways revealing colors not seen at any other time. This amazes me. Fact is, color changes all day long and through the night. Our color perceptions are defined by time and space. Yeah, really…..

Ford Canyon Arabesque

This painting is of a wondrous scene I encountered while hiking. I was taken by the arabesque forms of cactus and earth. I’ve included a shot the initial layout of of the painting which I used as a guide for the painting’s progression. I’m pleased with this painting and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too.

Ford Canyon Trail, Maricopa County, AZ

I’m hiking as much as I can while I spend a few weeks of winter in Arizona. Each hike I determine to see at least one wondrous sight. Sometimes I see the rare desert pool of water, sometimes I see a herd of deer, perhaps a lizard or an early blooming of cactus. Most frequently my wondrous sight is the composition of the desert landscape all by itself as its many elements arrange themselves into intricate layers with lines and swirls of light and color. This painting is of a wondrous sight I witnessed while hiking at the end of a day.

Daily Cat 224

Buck the Cat looks askance.

San Pedro Cactus 2

The San Pedro Cactus is a gorgeous plant. They grow tall and wide and have straight regular columns or can be quite gnarly and contorted, depending on the growing environment and genetic mutations. The one I’ve painted is of the gnarly type. It grows at altitudes of 2-3,000 ft and is a known hallucinogen. What’s not to love.

Daily Cat 223

Buck the Cat chases string. What do we chase? Meow.

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