Jean Krueger

American Artist, b. 1952

As a young woman, Jean Krueger followed a path which led through communal life, early widowhood, architectural practice, motherhood, tailoring and, finally, caring for her parents in their last years. Her path has led into all that is ART. Jean’s art is made for the joy of being alive. The intention of her work is that the art she makes lives on, sort of like seeds that perennially flower on and on through the years. 

Jean uses twenty-five years spent in the study and practice of architecture when she paints. She draws on these design skills when creating and drafting the canvas’ space. The years spent as a professional seamstress developed fine motor skills that translate into the ability to see detail and maneuver an idea into an image. Life’s beauty translates into a drive to express and communicate through paint the wonders she sees.

Jean and her husband, Ted Kruger, met in Chicago in 1981.They lived and began their family in New York City and Westchester County in the 1980’s, moving to Arkansas in the 1990’s. They returned  to upstate New York in 2001, where they continue to work and live along with their cats, Buck and Slinky. They have homes in Troy, NY, and the Andirondacks, in Colorado and Arizona. This results in a nice variety of landscapes to paint.

Jean is a daily painter working with watercolors, pastels, oils and collage. She also instructs classes in watercolor. Her series, Daily Cat, is an on-going study of Buck the Cat, a collection that continues to grow. She is a botanical illustrator, earning a certificate in botanical art from Cornell University. She continues to study, draw and paint plant life and starting Summer, 2020, will participate in courses at the Denver Botanical Garden. She’s looking forward to two exhibits which includes her paintings that will be scheduled at the end of the Covid-19 quarantine.

Jean Krueger’s Art Will Enhance Your Life.

It Has Mine.

  • Original Art
  • Private and Class Instruction
  • Commissions
  • Illustration
  • Consulting



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