Mexican Fence Post Cactus – Pachycereus marginatus

IMG_20180322_172714_2Mexican Fence Post Cactus – Pachycereus marginatus, pastel on hardboard, 20×16″, 2018, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

The Mexican Fence Post is a species originating in Central Mexico. These grow to heights of 12 or more feet and have a diameter of 3 to 8″. Its star-shape cross section can have from 5 to 9 points..its thorns are far less vicious than other species of cacti. Flowers are pink-yellow or green-yellow. When planted side by side they make an effective fence. They like it hot, tolerate afternoon shade and are hardy to zone 9 (28 Deg F overnight).

I think they’re marvelous.

IMG_20180322_172714~2Detail –  Mexican Fence Post Cactus – Pachycereus marginatus

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