Ocotillos, indigenous to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona and Mexico, are a plant with long, spiny leafed stems bearing flags of densely packed orange to red flowers at their tips. Their branches grow to 15-20 ft. high in tight clusters. Have you ever seen one? https://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/1066090

Amaryllis Bulb

I’ll document its emerging leaves and multiple blossoms over the next six weeks. I’m going to use different media and chose pen and ink for this first image in order to portray detail I often miss with other media. Amaryllis bulbs show up in markets during December in the United States and every year IContinue reading “Amaryllis Bulb”

Poppies, Second St. and Edwards Ave., Westcliffe, CO

Poppies, Second St. and Edwards Ave., Westcliffe, CO, 2018, 12×16″, Professional watercolors on 140# hot press watercolor paper, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger This week I’m painting poppies because they’re blooming all over town. They don’t last long and will all be to seed by next week. https://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/jean-krueger/second-st-and-edwards-ave-westcliffe-co/683848   Red Poppies, 2018, 12×16″, professionalContinue reading “Poppies, Second St. and Edwards Ave., Westcliffe, CO”


Thistle, 2018, professional watercolors on 184# wet media recycled, acid free paper, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger This studies a small thistle I found while on a walk. The paper it’s painted on is a Strathmore product, that has a tan-ish cast and contains 30% recycled material. It’s the first time I’veContinue reading “Thistles”

Paintbrush and Purple Fringe

Paintbrush and Purple Fringe, watercolor, 12×9″, 2018, copyroghted with all rights reserved This painting shows alpine flowers as they start to bloom in the late spring. They are shown in the late afternoon sun as I started back from a day of fishing at Comanche Lake, elevation 11,000+ feet. I caught four large cutthroat troutContinue reading “Paintbrush and Purple Fringe”

Mexican Fence Post Cactus – Pachycereus marginatus

Mexican Fence Post Cactus – Pachycereus marginatus, pastel on hardboard, 20×16″, 2018, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger The Mexican Fence Post is a species originating in Central Mexico. These grow to heights of 12 or more feet and have a diameter of 3 to 8″. Its star-shape cross section can have fromContinue reading “Mexican Fence Post Cactus – Pachycereus marginatus”

Cactus Detail

Cactus Detail, pastel on board, 6×8″, 2018, by Jean Krueger, copyrighted with all rights reserved The Desert Botanical Garden is beginning it’s spring bloom. https://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/820567

Exuberant, Inverted and Dangled Ponderosa Cones

Exuberant Ponderosa Cone, 6×6″, wattercolor on board, Jean Krueger, 2017, Copyrighted with all rights reserved. This pine cone is happy to be alive. http://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/779940   Inverted Ponderosa Cone, 6×6″ on paper, Jean Krueger, 2017, Copyrighted with all rights reserved Ponderosa pine cone standing on its head.  http://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/779585 Dangled Ponderosa Cone, 6×6″ on board, Jean Krueger,Continue reading “Exuberant, Inverted and Dangled Ponderosa Cones”

Ponderosa Cone and Red Green Ponderosa Cone

Ponderosa Cone, Watercolor, 6×6″, Jean Krueger, 2017,  with all rights reserved Pine cones are tactile as well as visual delights. The spiraling scales of this female cone hide the seeds close to the core. Female cones and male cones grow an the same tree, convenient for them, eh? Red Green Ponderosa Cone, Watercolor, 6×6″, Jean Krueger,Continue reading “Ponderosa Cone and Red Green Ponderosa Cone”

Wishing Star

Wishing Star, watercolor on paper, 6×6″, 2017, Copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger Dark Star twinkling on the desert​ floor, slowly expanding to fill its place in the universe. Professional pigments on 140# CP watercolor paper, masked birder. Signed, dated and titled in back. http://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/778180