Cattle Cutting, A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, CO

Cattle Cutting, A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, CO, , 2018, professional watercolors on 140# hot press watercolor paper, masked border, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger Each year in Westcliffe, CO, A Painted View Ranch sponsors the Sangre de Cristo Classic Cutting Horse Show. I go and take photos. It’s a great show,Continue reading “Cattle Cutting, A Painted View Ranch, Westcliffe, CO”

Paintbrush and Purple Fringe

Paintbrush and Purple Fringe, watercolor, 12×9″, 2018, copyroghted with all rights reserved This painting shows alpine flowers as they start to bloom in the late spring. They are shown in the late afternoon sun as I started back from a day of fishing at Comanche Lake, elevation 11,000+ feet. I caught four large cutthroat troutContinue reading “Paintbrush and Purple Fringe”

Buck the Cat

Buck the Cat, Original Watercolor, 8×6″, 2018, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger Buck is the family cat. He’ll be a year old at the end of May so he’s still technically a kitten. We really love him. Meow.

Swimming Laps

Swimming Laps, watercolor, 12×9″, 2018, copyrighted with all rights reserved bu Jean Krueger Swimming back and forth doing laps I notice the shimmer of water and all the reflections that move with the sun.

Trout Fly

Soft Hackle Trout Fly, watercolor, 9X12″, 2018 by jean Krueger copyrighted with all rights reserved This fly is a go-getter, always attracts hits. Ted Krueger designes and ties them. Counting the days til trout season’s open.

Ponderosa Cone and Red Green Ponderosa Cone

Ponderosa Cone, Watercolor, 6×6″, Jean Krueger, 2017,  with all rights reserved Pine cones are tactile as well as visual delights. The spiraling scales of this female cone hide the seeds close to the core. Female cones and male cones grow an the same tree, convenient for them, eh? Red Green Ponderosa Cone, Watercolor, 6×6″, Jean Krueger,Continue reading “Ponderosa Cone and Red Green Ponderosa Cone”


​ Arabiba, 12×9″, watercolor on 14O # Paper These winged seeds come from a tree which can grow to over 100 feet in height. In Brasil the tree is used extensively in reforestation projects, urban landscaping and for its ornamental wood. The yellow flowers become really large, 4-6″ whirly-gig units which are blown far and wide.Continue reading “ARARIBA “


Tamboril, 8×8″, watercolor on 140# HP paper The tamboil tree goes by many names, most of which are associated with its ear shaped seed pods. Scientifically it belongs to the Fabaceae family and is named Enterolobium contortisiliquum. They’re native to Brasil. They can reach 20-40 meters in height giving welcome shade. The wood is usedContinue reading “Tamboril”


Philodendron, 12×9″, watercolor  on 140# HP paper  If you are a philodendron, the Tropic of Capricorn is where you want to live, not in the upper latitudes clinging to life in an office planter, overwatered, underfed, starved for daylight. Here the size and variety of this species is vast. Plants which are scrawny potted slipsContinue reading “Philodendron “

Edwardo’s Patio

Edwardo’s Patio, 12×9″, watercolor, 2016 Edwardo invited us to dinner last weekend. He has a highrise apartment in downtown Campinas, Brasil. The view’s great from the seventeenth floor and his deck is​ enormous and totally private. I was caught by the combination of geometry and airy openess and painted it in tribute to built spaces.Continue reading “Edwardo’s Patio”

Tropical Sun and Shade

Tropical  Sun and Shade, 140# h0t press watercolor paper A couple years ago when I decided to paint with watercolors I found a book by Tom Hoffaman, Watercolor Painting, 2012, I got a digital copy of it and refer to it frequently. Tom put out a post today about his upcoming teaching schedule for this andContinue reading “Tropical Sun and Shade”