Schoolfield Road, Westcliffe, CO

Colorado skies are some of the most punchy that I’ve ever witnessed. Light streams in through breaks in the thunderheads that dump momentary showers like clockwork during the monsoon season of July and August. The light can be bright and dark all at the same time. Wide vistas of the mountainous panorama can display a full range of meteorological conditions simultaneously.

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5 thoughts on “Schoolfield Road, Westcliffe, CO

  1. Hello Jean, Do you have any paintings of Schoolfield Road showing the old Schoolfield Ranch (now DeGree Ranch)?
    Thank you! –Virginia P.


    1. Most of my Schoolfield paintings are painted just beyond the Degree Ranch, all are looking west to the mountain. However, I’m can paint a view to the east…the house, the barns, etc.
      Let me know if you’d like to commission one in watercolor or pastel. It’s a compelling image. Thanks for your inquiry.
      Best, Jean
      PS some if my work is for sale at The Loan Ranger


      1. Hello Jean,

        I’m imagining a watercolor of a big view looking west down Schoolfield Road with the mountains in the background, showing how the old Schoolfield Ranch (house, barns, trees, etc.) is integrated within the larger valley/mountain landscape.

        What do you think?


      2. I’ve usually painted beyond the Ranch because it’s hard to see the buildings , they’re obscured by trees. I think that there may be a view of the old house, the out buildings with the Sangres beyond as seen from the Hwy before turning 0nto Schoolfield, you might take a pic from that vantage, or any other angles you like and send them to me. I’m in Troy , NY, until next spring. I can look through my photos, as well, but din’t think I have one of that view.
        (I emailed this same message to you-couldn’t figure how to reply on WP.)


      3. Hello Jean,

        Okay, I’m in Oklahoma, and it may be awhile before I’m back in Westcliffe to take a photo. I was out there in August, but I did not think to take a photo of the scene that is in my mind for the painting.

        By the way, I’m interested in this painting because William J. Schoolfield, who established the Schoolfield Ranch in 1871, is my great-great grandfather. I just thought it would be cool to have a painting of the old Schoolfield Ranch nestled into the valley with the Sangres looming in the background.

        Well, I will keep in touch with you, and maybe we can talk more about the painting next spring.

        😊 Virginia 😊


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