Jardim Botanica

Jardim Botanica, 2016, 8 x 8″, watercolor on 140# CP paper 

Ted and I have toured a few major highlights in Brasilia proper the past few days, places honoring the founders of this latest Brazilian  state, monuments which commemorate, venerate  and relegate these men who once held power to eternal memory. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.

The botanical garden, Jardim Botanica de Brasilia, on the  southwest side of the city provided perspective when compared to the hard built shapes of its Brazilian architect, Oscar Neimeyer. The concrete plazas of greateness are so very hot and thirsty, the garden is cool and quiet, life abounds. A docent, Melissa, student of entomology, explained that bees, her specialty, are threatened and under great environmental pressure due to human activities. She studies at the University of Brasilia.

Melissa, Etomologist

We have  met other students, mostly in fields of engineering . Ted gave a couple lectures at the U of BR, which is why we’re in this capital city. Ted teaches design.The gist of both lectures was that when searching for design solutions, identify the true nature of the problem before embarking. Interact with people who have different academic backgrounds  to achieve wider vision when designing. The students we met are at the end of undergrad studies and must decide what to do next, pretty scary, I recall.

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