CR 199 – Westcliffe, CO

CR-119, Westcliffe, CO” – $50 USDMicron Pen on Bristol – 12×9 in There’s so may forms of ink painting and drawing. I think drawing is more tedious than painting and that painting is more fluid (literally) than drawing. Micron pens are good for building layers and tones. Unlike brushes, the points wear and the ink supply runsContinue reading “CR 199 – Westcliffe, CO”

Stampede Rodeo Stars

July is Rodeo in Westcliffe, Colorado, and mixed team roping is one of my favorite events. The woman, the man and both horses work in tight partnership to rope a calf while riding at a full gallop out of the shoot. It’s not easy, and there’s a lot more misses than successful roping of aContinue reading “Stampede Rodeo Stars”

Cottonwood Creek, Westcliffe, CO

Painted en plein aire, this painting was awarded 3rd Prize at the Sangres art Guild’s Alla Prima Westcliffe competition in Setptember 2019

Shell Station, Westcliffe, CO

Painted en plein aire with the doors open to the cold wet night, this was entered in the Sangres Art Guild Alla Prima Westcliffe competition in September 2019. It was painted as I was hunkered down in my car with the door open. Plein aire is not my favorite way to paint a nocturne. ItContinue reading “Shell Station, Westcliffe, CO”

Schoolfield Road and Macey Lane, Westcliffe, CO

Schoolfield Road and Macey Lane, Westcliffe, CO, Professional Watercolors on 140# rough watercolor paper, masked border, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger I go by this place almost daily. It’s a lovely view, always different owing to the weather or time of year. This painting studies the movement of sky and the patternContinue reading “Schoolfield Road and Macey Lane, Westcliffe, CO”

Cattle Cutting, Westcliffe, CO

Cattle Cutting, 2015 –Artists’ pigments on 140# CP watercolor paper with machine-laid texture, masked border, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger The painting is about equestrian action and skill, back-lighting and the capture of motion. It was fun to paint.