Comanche Trail

Comanche Trail, pastel on board, 12×16″, 2018, copyrighted by Jean Krueger with all rights reserved The late summer air in the alpine landscape is still warm, 60-65 degrees F, although the wind can gust and make it feel cooler. But when I hike I’m in a sleeveless shirt and with pantlegs rolled up, working upContinue reading “Comanche Trail”

Orange Tree

Orange Tree, Soft Paste lon board, 20×16″. bu Jean Krueger,copyrighted with all rights reserved, 2018 Inside the garden wall when the sun is overhead.

Brussell Sprouts with Grape Tomatoes

Brussell Sprouts With Grape Tomatoes, Soft Pastel on Board, 20X16″, 2017, by Jean Krueger copyrighted with all rights reserved This painting glorifies stacked  roundness.