Muddler Minnow – Traditional

The Muddler Minnow was first tied in 1936 by a guy from Minnisota, Don Gapen by name. It imitates a sculpin and is of the ‘streamer’ body type. It’s a very popular pattern, tied by many with a lot of variations. The one shown here is basic and traditional. My husband says the nose coneContinue reading “Muddler Minnow – Traditional”

Royal Coachman Marabou

This trout fly is a variation of a classic Royal Coachman pattern. It’s popular and one of the better known lures among fly fisher-folks. This painting is one of my ongoing series of watercolor fishing lures. It pairs nicely on the wall with other paintings in the series or it displays very well all byContinue reading “Royal Coachman Marabou”

Carey Special – Trout Fly

The Carey Special is a common trout fly with a lot of variations. It’s a wet fly which means it travels under the surface of the water rather on to of it. Look at my series of Trout Fly Paintings at the link above. They all show well individually or as a grouping.

Spider – Trout Fly

Spider – Trout Fly,  watercolor, 9×12″, 2018 by Jean Krueger copyrighted with all rights reserved Spider – Trout Fly is a wet fly which is weighted by its beaded head and sinks after being cast. It is a classic pattern and is painted at a scale of 5 to 1. Ted Krueger is the tier.Continue reading “Spider – Trout Fly”

Finn Minnow – Trout Fly

Finn Minnow -Trout Fly, watercolor,  9X12″, 2017 by Jean Krueger copyrighted with all rights reserved Finn Minnow is a wet fly used to lure trout. It’s length is 1.25 inches, rather large as trout flies go. It’s designed and Tied by Ted Krueger.  

Trout Fly

Soft Hackle Trout Fly, watercolor, 9X12″, 2018 by jean Krueger copyrighted with all rights reserved This fly is a go-getter, always attracts hits. Ted Krueger designes and ties them. Counting the days til trout season’s open.