Daily Cat 148

I had a heck of a time sketching this portrait. I couldn’t get his head right. I paint these Daily Cats by sketching the outline and light parts of the image with a cheap, click type mechanical pencil. I erase frequently until I get an image that matches a photo I’ve taken. Getting the proportionsContinue reading “Daily Cat 148”

Blacknose Shiner – Trout Fly

Blacknose Shiner – Trout Fly, watercolor, 9×12″, 2018 by Jean Krueger copyrighted with all rights reserved This is nominally a trout fly. Due to its large size, 2 1/4″, it is also handy for landlocked salmon and warm water fishing. Its weighted head makes it a wet fly. It can be fished with both a fly rod orContinue reading “Blacknose Shiner – Trout Fly”