Stampede Rodeo Stars

July is Rodeo in Westcliffe, Colorado, and mixed team roping is one of my favorite events. The woman, the man and both horses work in tight partnership to rope a calf while riding at a full gallop out of the shoot. It’s not easy, and there’s a lot more misses than successful roping of aContinue reading “Stampede Rodeo Stars”

CR 140, Westcliffe, Colorado

CR 140, Westcliffe, CO, 2018, Professional watercolors on 140# hot press paper, masked border, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger This view is my drive home in the summertime. Typically, the clouds gather and a bit of rain falls each afternoon. After the shower, everything is a bit greener and the sky isContinue reading “CR 140, Westcliffe, Colorado”