Daily Cat 157

“Daily Cat 157”, $28.50 includes shippingBrush and ink, graphite, 140#HP watercolor paper – 4×6 inhttps://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/jean-krueger/daily-cat-157/799290Meow. cat contortions. I find these cat poses difficult, the motion, the very dark contrast of the image, the twisted body, all that’s difficult to capture. And then there’s always the temptation to add that one last brush stroke instead ofContinue reading “Daily Cat 157”

Daily Cat 148

I had a heck of a time sketching this portrait. I couldn’t get his head right. I paint these Daily Cats by sketching the outline and light parts of the image with a cheap, click type mechanical pencil. I erase frequently until I get an image that matches a photo I’ve taken. Getting the proportionsContinue reading “Daily Cat 148”