Wild Apples

There’s and old, old apple tree at the Comanche Venable trailhead in Colorado. No one tends it now but the browsing deer. It’s grown scraggely and wide as the years pass. In spring its whitepink blooms billow in the montane sun. By September the fruit finally ripens to a sour, wormy greenred, hard and plump, abundantContinue reading “Wild Apples”

Sangres de Cristo Monsooon

There’s been a lot of rain this summer, the farmers have mowed a couple times already. Late in the afternoon, sometimes towards evening, the clouds gather along the mountain ridge. When they hit the tops of the mountains they just dump all the moisture they hold. The sun shines through the veil of water andContinue reading “Sangres de Cristo Monsooon”

Goodwin Lake, Colorado

We up here to Goodwin Lake to fish in the summer. The elevation is about 11,200 ft. There’s deer and marmots there, eagles and crows. Elk are also around, but I’ve never seen one. https://www.dailypaintworks.com/fineart/jean-krueger/goodwin-lake-colorado/759869