Daily Cat 187

“Daily Cat 187” – $30 USD
Brush and ink, graphite on 140# HP watercolor paper – 6×4 in

The is a second iteration of this cat pose. A roll-over of a roll-over, sort of…

Hares Ear – Wet Fly

This painting of a Hares Ear trout fly has many variations. I like that about flies, these tiny handmade works of art. Although each fly pattern has prescribed materials and techniques, each bait bears the characteristics of it maker. The patterns may mutate over time as new materials and fly tiers arrive on the scene or they may remain faithful replicas of the designs of the person who invented them.

Royal Coachman Marabou

This trout fly is a variation of a classic Royal Coachman pattern. It’s popular and one of the better known lures among fly fisher-folks. This painting is one of my ongoing series of watercolor fishing lures. It pairs nicely on the wall with other paintings in the series or it displays very well all by itself. It’s a one of a kind painting for offices, libraries or family rooms. I will paint custom patterns upon request, email me.

Carey Special – Trout Fly

The Carey Special is a common trout fly with a lot of variations. It’s a wet fly which means it travels under the surface of the water rather on to of it. Look at my series of Trout Fly Paintings at the link above. They all show well individually or as a grouping.

Soft Hackle Wet Fly

Brush and Ink with a little watercolor on 140# HP watercolor paper – 9×12 in
This is a small fly, painted at a scale of 6 to 1. It’s made of feathers and fur on a No.10 hook.#inktober2020


CR 199 – Westcliffe, CO

CR-119, Westcliffe, CO” – $50 USD
Micron Pen on Bristol – 12×9 in

There’s so may forms of ink painting and drawing. I think drawing is more tedious than painting and that painting is more fluid (literally) than drawing. Micron pens are good for building layers and tones. Unlike brushes, the points wear and the ink supply runs out…I have a couple sets of Micron pens in the mail. I’ll be trying to complete the iNKTOBER project. #inktober2020


Wooly Bugger – Wet Fly

The image with the white background is the painting that’s for sale. The image shown in the negative is a digital reversal of the original included just for fun. My husband, Ted, suggested that the negative image could be drawn on a scratchboard….might try it. The lure is made of black fur, feathers and wool fiber. Ted says it is also tied with white materials and looks like the negative image I included. Anyhow, the paintings in my Fly Series look great displayed in multiples or all by themselves. Visit my Gallery to see more. I will reproduce paintings that are already sold.

Golden Shiner

Golden Shiners are a minnow-ish fish, living in the same places as trout and bass. They’re related to carp, I think, thus think goldfish…but different. Think Inktober. #inktober

Trout Jig

Small leadhead jig, dressed with olive and red maribou, size 8.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees are a large insects. They eat wonderfully round holes in wood.

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