Trout Jig

Small leadhead jig, dressed with olive and red maribou, size 8.

Carpenter Bee

Carpenter bees are a large insects. They eat wonderfully round holes in wood.

Engelke Farm 9.23.20

Another take on fall at Engelke’s farm. This painting follows the movement of trees and the shadows they cast.

Raquette Lake Inlet

On the water at sunset, Raquette Lake, NY.

Lake Adirondak, Indian Lake, NY

A view from a Hornbeck canoe, late summer at dusk.​

Engelke Farm – Study

This is a study for an larger oil painting executed during the same session. I use the study to locate objects, study the movement of the composition and to use as a reference when composing the oil painting.

Lake Adirondak, New York

View from the front end of a Hornbeck Canoe.​

Engelke Farms, Eagle Mills, NY

The Start of Autumn in Upstate New York.

Daily Cat 185

Hunting season. Meow.

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