Daily Cat 199

Buck the Cat. Meow.

Daily Cat 198

Nap. Meow

Willow Trail

A hot day, a steep climb, another place in the world I’d never seen before. Wonderful.


By the Salt River, Arizona

This scene is from the end of a fishing trip. No fish but nice winter sunset.

Daily Cat 197

Cat to go. Bag it.

Field of Chollas

Chollas are botanically in the subfamily of Opuntioideae, the same family which includes cactus’s with broad, flat leaves. The leaves of the Cholla are round-ish and really spiny. They quickly become stuck to any object that comes close to it. Their spines hurt and aren’t easy to remove once impaled in either fabric, fur or flesh. When backlit by the setting sun, their branches look like bright torches of white gold.

Below the Ridge, Valley of the Sun

We hiked to this overlook, then had to turn back to reach the car before dark.

White Tank Regional Park

The sky catches fire in Arizona.

White Tank Park

Cactus Tree Mountain Sky

Arizona Barrel Cactus

Ferocactus wislizeni is a native of Southern Arizona and Mexico. They grow about knee high and are 12 to 16 or so inches across. They’re quite spiny. The thorns are pinkish and curved somewhat like a fish hook.

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