Daily Cat 183


Daily Cat 182

Roll right.


Daily Cat 181

Never make your move too soon.

Daily Cat 180

Buck the Cat on vacation in Wisconsin, say cheese.

Copper Gulch Road

Looking North, monsoon day.

Daily Cat 179

Daily Cat 179, $25 USD + shipping, ink, graphite, watercolor, 4×6″, 2020, copyrighted with all rights reserved by Jean Krueger

Cleanliness is next to Catlyness. Meow.


Daily Cat 178

The ole cross-paw catch. Meow.

Daily Cat 177

Still have problems with the value of ‘black”, I’d like more control. Meow.

Daily Cat 176

The cat turned on his heel….meow.

Daily Cat 175

Cat roll, kitty crunches. Meow.

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