Large Mouth Bass

This large mouth bass is painted at a scale of 1.5:1 which means the live one was bigger by half. They can grow really big and don’t like to be caught, putting up a strong fight. The husband caught him, I photoed him and he was released back into the Upstate New York Lake from which he came. Now he’s immortalized in this highly desirable painting.Watercolor, 16×12″, 2021, $265.

Small Mouth Bass

Small Mouth Bass are found in waters of the US, north to south East to west. The fish shown here was caught in the Adirondack Park in New York. It’s a little unusual in that it was a yellow ocher color. Most are in the green grey range. Perhaps the anomaly can be explained by the fishes diet.

Raquette Lake Inlet

The sun’s asettin’ and we’re still fishing, catching large mouth bass.


Daily Cat 218

Birdseye view of Buck the Cat eyeing the bird.

Chain Pickerel

This fish is found in the New York Adirondacks as well as a lot of other waters throughout the US. The one I painted is represented full size although it’s a small example. Ted caught it, I took its picture and then he returned to the cold water to swim again, hopefully a wiser fish but probably not. They live to eat, not thinking much about the possiblility of being eaten.

Daily Cat 217

Buck the step-cat. Meow.

Daily Cat 216

Buck the Cat at the Crossroads. Meow.

CR 119 Looking Northeast, Westcliffe CO

CR 119 Looking Northeast, $1110USD, Casein, 16×20″, 2021.

Cold front meets warm front. Looks like rain.

Daily Cat 215

Buck the Cat with his eyes on the prize. Meow.

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