Up at Lake Pleasant, AZ

The white bass are still biting at Lake Pleasant in Maricopa County, AZ. This is a view of the embankment at the lake shore. Ted’s doing the fishing, I take pictures, pic up fistfuls of discarded fishing line and look for lost Rolex’s on the beach.

Daily Cat 205

Rounding  the corner on one foot, Buck’s hot in pursuit. Meow.

Daily Cat 204


Buck has a kitty condo (a carpeted climbing perch) and he spends much of his idle time (of which he has an abundance) napping thereon. Meow.

White Bass – Morone chrysops

This is a White Bass, Morone chrysops, caught at Lake Pleasant, Maricopa County in Arizona. It’s painted full scale. It became a fish taco with chipotle mayo and vegetables.lake pleasant

Daily Cat 203


Daily Cat 202

Getta bug. Meow.

Lake Pleasant, AZ

Plein aire while Ted, Kirk and Tyler fished.

Daily Cat 201

Daily Cat 201, meow.

Daily Cat 200

Daily Cat 200….a dubious milestone for a series begun in December of 2018. Take a look at my Dailypaintworks gallery, these have their own CATagory.


White Bass

Ted caught this fish in Lake Pleasant, a lake in northern Maricopa County in Arizona. It’s about 14.5″ long and is painted close to full scale.

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