Westclife, CO – Looking South

Pastel on sanded paper, masked border, 12×9″ This landscape is painted of a view found in a small Colorado town. The clouds are blown in  a line, a towering front, from the west over the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. A show of vaporous forms reflect the last rays at the end of day, mixing, swirlingContinue reading “Westclife, CO – Looking South”

County Road 130, Westcliffe, CO

Artists’ pigments on 300# CP watercolor paper, masked border I spent last summer in southeast Colorado. My mom and I left for Arizona in early October. I continue to paint from the photos taken while in the mountains, images taken with future watercolors and pastels in mind. This view stretches west to the Sangre deContinue reading “County Road 130, Westcliffe, CO”